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Listen to a recent podcast interview about who I am and what I do.

 What Is Virtual Decluttering Help? 

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Here's what to expect in a video chat session with Amanda. You'll use your phone, tablet, or webcam to give her a tour of your space (no judgment, promise), then you'll choose together where you'd like to start. Once the camera is set up and aimed in that direction, you'll get to work! It's like she's there with you, holding the trash bag.


Amanda will give you encouragement and guidance for clearing clutter and putting your space in order, using her expert understanding of both disorganization and psychology to take the stress out of the process. Learn to let go (in more ways than one!) and feel inspired and motivated to carry that momentum forward.

Who Is Amanda?

Hey, I'm Amanda, the one-woman-show behind Mind in the Clutter. I offer virtual and in-home professional organizing and decluttering services and will teach you how to declutter your home without losing your mind.

I was born in the Mule Capital of the World — it's a real thing, look it up — which might explain my stubbornness. I've been described as plain-spoken and nonjudgmental.

My mother always managed to have a clean and organized house, and I was surprised and saddened when I reached adulthood and found that growing up in a tidy home didn't mean I knew how to keep my own home that way.

Despite using my degree in psychology to counsel myself through a multitude of character flaws, I continued to struggle with clutter but was determined to find a solution.


Over the years, I tried and failed to manage my home, learning a little from each method I attempted, until finally stumbling upon a process that works in real life. I'd love to share it with you and help free you from feeling overwhelmed and discouraged by your clutter.

I call Tennessee home, but I can help you wherever you are.


You can totally do this. Hope is on the way.

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