My business model is built on service to others.


I'm always looking for community partners.

I believe working with other professionals and organizations who help the same population I do strengthens our ability to meet the needs our clients.

We're In This Together

Do you mind if I join you?

Here are some of the things you or your clients may experience that I can help make easier.

Together, we can do more.

A change to living arrangement such as downsizing, a home renovation, someone moving in or out, or buying/selling a house.

  • Real estate agents

  • Interior designers

  • Cleaning companies

  • Closet system installers

  • Contractors

  • Moving companies

  • Home improvement stores

  • Junk / Trash haulers

  • Apartment / Property managers

  • Senior living facilities

  • Homeowners associations

New beginnings such as a wedding, the birth of a child, or a graduation.

  • Photographers

  • Event planners

  • Caterers

  • Bakeries

  • Event venues


Major life experiences like a divorce or the death of a loved one.

  • Attorneys

  • Estate planners

Coping with a medical diagnosis, grief, loss, or mental health concerns.

  • Support groups

  • Home health agencies

  • Social services professionals

  • Healthcare providers

  • Mental health professionals

Work and school changes such as a new career, relocation for a job or education opportunity, starting or growing a business, retirement, or setting up a home office.

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Life / Career coaches

  • Financial advisors

  • Collectors (comic books, vinyl records, etc.)

  • Resellers

  • Business networking groups

  • College students

Issues related to children and parenting.

  • Foster families

  • Childcare providers

  • Relative caregivers

  • Parent groups

  • Schools

Help for our communities.

  • Church groups

  • Service organizations (Rotary, Lions Club, etc.)

  • Civic clubs

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Charitable groups

  • Thrift stores

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