Our business model is built on service to others.


We're always looking for community partners.

We believe working with other professionals and organizations who help the same folks we do strengthens our ability to meet the needs our clients.

We're In This Together

Do you mind if we join you?

Here are some of the things you or your clients may experience that we can help make easier.

Together, we can do more.

A change to living arrangement such as downsizing, a home renovation, someone moving in or out, or buying/selling a house.

  • Real estate agents

  • Interior designers

  • Cleaning companies

  • Closet system installers

  • Contractors

  • Moving companies

  • Home improvement stores

  • Junk / Trash haulers

  • Apartment / Property managers

  • Senior living facilities

  • Homeowners associations

New beginnings such as a wedding, the birth of a child, or a graduation.

  • Photographers

  • Event planners

  • Caterers

  • Bakeries

  • Event venues


Major life experiences like a divorce or the death of a loved one.

  • Attorneys

  • Estate planners

Coping with a medical diagnosis, grief, loss, or mental health concerns.

  • Support groups

  • Home health agencies

  • Social services professionals

  • Healthcare providers

  • Mental health professionals

Work and school changes such as a new career, relocation for a job or education opportunity, starting or growing a business, retirement, or setting up a home office.

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Life / Career coaches

  • Financial advisors

  • Collectors (comic books, vinyl records, etc.)

  • Resellers

  • Business networking groups

  • College students

Issues related to children and parenting.

  • Foster families

  • Childcare providers

  • Relative caregivers

  • Parent groups

  • Schools

Help for our communities.

  • Church groups

  • Service organizations (Rotary, Lions Club, etc.)

  • Civic clubs

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Charitable groups

  • Thrift stores

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