Don't Leave Empty-Handed

Updated: Mar 30

Decluttering is not a one-and-done thing. It's a skill. It takes daily effort to maintain your home, but it doesn't have to be a drag. Here's a simple tip to make it a little easier.

Hey, where are you headed?

Never leave a room empty-handed. Going to the kitchen from your home office? Take that empty coffee cup with you. From your daughter's room to the front door? Pick up her jacket off the floor and hang it up where it goes. I talk more about clutter that builds this way in another blog post. It's sneaky clutter that happens when we're not paying attention, but you can stem the tide.

Scan the room.

You can level-up this tip by taking a quick look around the room for items that all need to go to the same place. If you're going to your bedroom from the living room, you might notice your flip-flops, a bottle of lotion you've been meaning to put in your nightstand, and the belt you bought for your husband that still has the tags on it. Three birds with one stone.

It all adds up.

Building the habit of perpetual decluttering isn't necessarily easy, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Sometimes simple changes make a big difference. A lot of people tend not to notice clutter until it's out of control. But learning to see it even when it's small, and knowing how quickly it can grow, helps you stay motivated to take a little action every day. And that's the secret sauce.

Tell me how it goes.

If this tip worked for you -- or if it didn't -- share your thoughts below, or you can drop me a line here. I'd love to hear from you. Truly.


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